Smithers-Oasis Celebrates 70-Year Anniversary

KENT, Ohio USA — Smithers-Oasis, a worldwide leader in the floriculture industry is celebrating its 70th Anniversary. Smithers-Oasis was founded in 1954 by Vernon “V.L.” Smithers, who revolutionized the floral industry with the creation of OASIS® Floral […]


Syngenta Flowers Breeder Shifeng Pan Retires

After 25 years of service, Senior Breeder Shifeng Pan is retiring. In that time, Shifeng has made countless contributions to the company and the horticulture industry as a whole. His 2013 AAS Award for Geranium […]


Valentine’s Day: Love, Colors and Garden Roses

The origins of Valentine’s Day remain vague and open to interpretation. It is believed it started as a romantic reconstruction of the Roman festival of Lupercalia, which celebrated the end of winter and the beginning […]

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