Valentine’s Day: Love, Colors and Garden Roses

The origins of Valentine’s Day remain vague and open to interpretation. It is believed it started as a romantic reconstruction of the Roman festival of Lupercalia, which celebrated the end of winter and the beginning of spring; it would be a time filled with dance and courtship. It is also associated with a martyred priest by the same name, who’s famously believed to have signed his love letters addressed to his jailer’s daughter as “your Valentine”. 

As far as legend goes, the reason it became so commonly known and celebrated is still debated. What we do know for sure is that from the 14th century onwards, on a global scale, we’ve dedicated a whole day to romantic love, filled with heart-shaped presents, flowers, and chocolates as a gesture of appreciation, gratitude, and promise. 

At Alexandra Farms, we love to celebrate love, and as long as we can find new ways to show it, there will always be a flower to go with it.

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