Floral Business is exclusively devoted to supermarket floral executives. This publication is a result of countless conversations with supermarket floral executives and leading floral marketers who requested the following:

  • A magazine that addresses the specific marketing, merchandising, management and procurement concerns of executives at supermarket HQ and regional offices.
  • A magazine that provides important how-to information on topics that most affect the bottom line… such as pricing, labor, space-to-sales, seasonal promotions, care and handling, value-added services.
  • A magazine that seeks answers from within the industry and reaches out to the retailers themselves, as well as leading floral marketers, for solutions.
  • A magazine that is easy-to-read and pass along — all the way down to the store-level
  • floral managers.

Floral Business also provides meaningful editorial exposure to the floral category in Produce Business magazine since it was launched in 1985. Online floral exposure started in 2008 with the Floral channel on the popular PerishableNews.com. But Floral Business magazine is specifically yours to help you build, improve and expand your floral operation.

Take note of the floral department vendors displayed on these pages because they play a worthy role in the presentation of Floral Business magazine. We hope you acknowledge their intentions to provide services and supplies. There will be redistribution of this issue at the various industry events.

Please enjoy each issue of Floral Business and pass it along to others who also will benefit from the articles. We would like to thank you for your interest and readership. We hope you continue to submit your comments and suggestions because feedback makes a difference. This magazine was created as an answer to your requests!