Vase Life Study of Spray Roses

Anil Ranwala, Ph.D – Manager Postharvest R&D – FloraLife Floral

Spray roses are popular as a component of cut-flower bouquets. There are many varieties with a range of colors and opening characteristics. We are often evaluating commercially important spray rose varieties to understand the postharvest characteristics and improve the quality. In this research update we share results of experiments done with spray roses grown in Colombia.


Several experiments were conducted to evaluate the vase life performance of popular spray rose varieties. Flowers grown in Colombia were sourced and shipped to the FloraLife laboratory in the USA. Flower stems were re-cut to remove at least 1 inch off, lower leaves were removed, and stems placed into vases filled with either water (control) or with a FloraLife® Flower Food solution used at retail level. Vases were placed in an observation room with temperature maintained at 18 C with 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. Flower vase life performance was observed daily.

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