MPS and Certifeye Make Growers’ Sustainability Efforts More Visible

Over the past few months, a lot of work has gone into creating a link between MPS and Certifeye. With both organisations in attendance at IPM Essen 2024, this was a good opportunity to confirm the cooperation on MPS’s stand. “Our joint goal is to make information available to our growers in the easiest possible way so that they can then share their own information with their customers,” says Edmund Timm, Manager Commerce, Marketing and Communication at MPS.

Both MPS and Certifeye place immense value on the fact that the privacy of growers is guaranteed. Certifeye CEO Fred Vahlkamp adds: “It is extremely important to us that growers can decide for themselves who they share such information with. With our platform you can choose to share your MPS-ABC certification status with everyone, for example, or simply share a certificate or another document with one specific customer. So as the owner of the information, you are in control. You configure this once and then it’s sorted.”

The new link between the systems enables MPS-ABC certificates obtained by a grower to be sent to the Certifeye Wallet directly from the MPS Customer Portal. It therefore avoids additional admin for the grower, who always had to upload the necessary documents into the system manually in the past. Later this year, growers who participate in MPS-GAP and MPS-SQ will also be able to upload these certificates. With this and the future links, growers will gain even more recognition and visibility for their sustainability efforts.

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